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David King has been involved in professional still photography, print, motion-film, and later video production since the mid-1960s as a student at the University of Denver. His work has won numerous awards, including an Emmy nomination as Producer for an anti-gang music video. His documentary and lyric outdoor images in still photography have been featured in regional and national magazines and his work among the northern New Mexico Pueblos was the subject of TV's "PM Magazine" feature segment. That project, "TEWA" (TAY-wah ) on the Tewa speaking Pueblos of New Mexico is in the permanent collection of Mesa Verde National Monument and frequently travels throughout the country. A collection of his portraits of Denver's "Movers and Shakers" was commissioned by the Colorado Council for the Arts and Humanities and featured at the Colorado Celebration of the Arts. His photo book, Santa Fe, The City Different, was a best seller to tourists in the New Mexico area until it went out of print in the 1980s. His photographs and other art including sculpture, etchings, woodcuts and photo-etchings have hung in exhibitions and collector's walls from Boston to San Diego.

In addition to work on documentaries and music videos, his award-winning industrial production work has been produced for clients in a wide range of industries from energy corporations to law enforcement to education/training, and recreation. He received a National Award of Excellence for his corporate training video work. A documentary on street gangs ("Boyd will be Boyz") done for the Denver Police Department received acclaim from police and communities around the country as one of the best programs on the subject produced up to that time.

In the entertainment arena, David wrote, produced, and directed the western music video Through The Gap starring Bruce Boxleitner and Martin Kove. He wrote, produced, and co-directed the screenplay adaptation for the short feature "Handler" (based on the Jane Martin play, "Talking With"). His latest feature production, a family adventure titled Moosie is now being distributed internationally. Moosie won a "Videographer Award of Excellence," an "AXIEM Silver award for Absolute Excellence In Electronic Media," and a "Silver Telly," plus it has been awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for Family Programming.

David has been teaching Professional Photography as well as Film and Video Production since the late 1970s in both Colorado and California and currently is a Professor of Photography at San Diego City College in San Diego, CA. He has been a judge of the famous International Photography Exhibition at the San Diego county (Del Mar) Fair since 2000 and a returning member of the "Digital Dialog" panel featured during the exhibition and comprised of recognized experts in the growing field of digital photography. During that time he has written two books on photography now used locally as texts ("Thinking Digitally" and "Practical 3D Photography") and is working on two more titled "The Black Belt Photographer" and "The Flame of Creativity." He has just released a CD of containing 570 pages of datasheets on all aspects of photography culled and updated from material created for students over the years.